Taking Medical Education and Health Care Delivery to the Next Level Genesis

Roseman University College of Medicine has an unwavering commitment to advancing the health and health care of all in the Southwestern United States.

Although access to high quality medical care is critically important, today we know that factors like affordable and stable housing, the quality of our schools, access to good jobs with fair pay, eating nutritious meals, engaging in physical activity, and the safety of our neighborhoods have a greater impact on health and well-being than medical services or biological factors alone.

Roseman College of Medicine has pioneered Genesis as its premier educational, research, community development, and health care delivery platform. Through Genesis, care teams provide clinical and social services to households in medically underserved communities through household visits, interprofessional clinical practices, and patient navigation.

The key idea is that the most important environment in which people live—their households—must be addressed if we expect a person’s health to improve. This innovative approach, which we call “household-centered care,” focuses on identifying and helping to improve the many medical, social, economic, and environmental factors that shape our health. Genesis reconceptualizes the health-aligned sectors—healthcare, public health, and social services—as a coordinated health eco-system that centers on the household as its point of integration.


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