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Roseman University College of Medicine aligns students, educators and the community in designing and delivering an inclusive and collaborative environment for innovative learning, healthcare and research.


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Welcome to Roseman University College of Medicine

I am Pedro “Joe” Greer, Jr., Dean of Roseman University College of Medicine and, with the rest of the team, we welcome you to our web page.

Roseman University offered us an opportunity to be part of a city and state that defined and embraced the frontier spirit, to start a medical school in a state that has a shortage of physicians and improve those numbers. We at Roseman University are building a pipeline from Nevada to educate and train the future health professional workforce of the state. Executing the most cutting-edge curriculum with the most up to date educational innovations and technology, immersed in the most vulnerable communities (both Urban and Rural) as a medical school that will be measured, not by just the excellent physicians we produce and stay, but also by the improvements in the region’s health.

And I come not alone, I bring as a team four of the most incredible nationally and internationally known and respected scholars and medical educators, teaming up with two renowned physician/educators from the area.

We have come to be part of this community, to diversify our profession, to produce socially accountable, clinically excellent physicians embracing the frontier can do spirit. We came to be part of something greater, to make a difference in a community’s health. We want Roseman to be where the world comes to learn how to do medical education right.

Let me begin with our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To align students, educators, and community in designing and delivering an inclusive and collaborative environment for innovative learning, healthcare and research.

Vision: Diverse professionals improving the health of the region’s rural and urban communities.

Values: Humility, Excellence, Respect

The College of Medicine at Roseman University will produce the healthcare workforce of the future, developing clinically excellent, community based, socially accountable, humble, compassionate and inclusive physicians. This will be accomplished by innovative teaching, emphasizing not only clinical excellence, but also ethics, humility, empathy, critical and creative thinking, and real-world experience. Graduates of RUHSCOM will understand the complexities of communities and how the Social Determinants of Health impact both individual and population health. The communities we serve will be partners in our teaching and learning.

We will lead the State and region in creating technological strategies to achieve academic excellence and advance effective and inclusive health delivery systems. We are developing a pipeline of potential local and regional students that goes beyond the College of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry, for lifelong learning and service to improve the health (Urban, Rural and Frontier) of Nevada.

As part of the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada communities we as a team have traveled cross country to collectively make a significant difference in an area where thinking out of the box is the norm. Thank you for welcoming us and we look forward to working with all of you. Let’s make it so what happens in Vegas, we spread around the world.


Dr. Joe Greer


Please note that because the college is planning to pursue accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), only limited information regarding the program can currently be shared. The college cannot publish admission requirements, nor consider any applicants to the program at this time.

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