Welcome to Research at the Roseman University College of Medicine.  Faculty members at Roseman are involved in many areas of laboratory-based research, educational research and applied clinical research.

Our medical school bench researchers at the Summerlin Campus have obtained advanced medical research instrumentation to explore their research projects.  [e.g.  CARS / 4-Laser (2-Photon-plus-2-Photon) Microscopy for combining 3-D micro-imaging with micro-chemical analysis,  NanoPro 1000, TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) microscopy coupled with ultrasensitive Confocal Microscopy, and Near-Infra-Red Fluorescence (NIRF)-based technology. Roseman’s research technologies are being used to identify new elements of diseases and for examining new, more effective therapeutic agents for treating many different types of diseases.

Dr. Willis K. Paull
Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Roseman’s College of Medicine.