Welcome to the Roseman University Family Medicine Department website. Here you will find links to our faculty, educational programs and department affiliates. As we grow you will find links to other topics of interest so please return regularly.

The Family Medicine Department consists of both volunteer and employed faculty from throughout the region. These professionals will form the backbone of our innovative competency based, medical education programs. The establishment of an on-site clinical facility for the purpose of patient care, community outreach, and education of medical students, residents and other allied health professionals is currently in progress.

In support of the Roseman University College of Medicine Vision to Educate competent, caring and ethical physicians from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on primary care and other needed specialties, the Department of Family Medicine is actively engaged in a wide-range of partnerships involving community physicians, medical facilities, and hospitals. These relationships will provide the infrastructure for high quality, outcome based, clinical experiences for our students. In addition, we are working with community partners to develop and implement “Pipeline” programs to identify and cultivate an interest in medicine for Las Vegas’ youth.

To further support the College of Medicine’s Mission, of Providing quality patient-centered care and service to our partner communities, the Family Medicine Department has been developing the Longitudinal Experience in Neighborhood Service (LENS) program. Medical students participating in this program will develop an ongoing educational relationship with local healthcare practices and physicians who will guide them and provide practical experience to coincide with their academic studies. A capstone project that identifies both neighborhood disparities and strategies to address these needs will give our students the opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on the communities served by their LENS site.

The Family Medicine Department here at Roseman University will train the next generation of physicians while working with our community to meet the healthcare needs of Southern Nevada. Growth of the Department will center around addressing community needs and regional health disparities. If you have interest in supporting future endeavors of our department, please email us at CoM_FamMed@roseman.edu.