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Episode 6: Evelyn Pacheco

Guest: Evelyn Pacheco
July 31, 2021

During this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he hosts Nevada’s first Black female plumber. They will discuss the ‘glass ceiling’ in trades and why such a ceiling places limits on the potential of our children, industries and communities. Evelyn will share her inspiring story, as well as some of the stories of the women she has been committed to help over the years. Her work has produced positive results for women in some of the most underserved rural and urban communities throughout Nevada. What lessons can Roseman College of Medicine borrow from her approach to improve the health status of women and communities in Southern Nevada?


Episode 5 – David Marlon

Guest: David Marlon, Co-founder and Chairman of Vegas Stronger
June 30, 2021

During this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he hosts accomplished humanitarian and business leader, David Marlon. They will discuss the realities of substance use throughout Las Vegas and access to appropriate services to combat the problem. The key to the discussion will be exploring what future Roseman College of Medicine students should know to be effective when providing services to this population.


Episode 4 – Roseman University College of Medicine Founding Executive Deans

Guest: Dr. Luther Brewster, Dr. Cheryl Brewster, Dr. Marin Gillis, Dr. Karin Esposito, Dr. Renee Coffman
May 31, 2021

In this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he sits down with his team of Executive Deans to discuss the difficult questions medical schools and healthcare systems are struggling to answer. Ask yourself, is it fair that a medical school student can train by working with low-income patients at a public hospital and then upon graduating and becoming a licensed Physician decline to care for Medicaid patients? The team will discuss issues of student and Physician diversity (or the lack thereof), the ethics of caring for people and “trust” as a component of improving health in society. This group has some radical ideas for spurring change and they plan to make Roseman College of Medicine the center-piece of that change.

Episode 3 – Trust in Healthcare

Guest: Spencer Haywood
April 30, 2021

During this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he hosts National Basketball Hall of Fame, Spencer Haywood. They will discuss how COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on the value of trust when working to make communities healthier. Mr. Haywood has been working tirelessly to address this problem and will share some of the strategies and partnerships he has formed to promote change. They will discuss how a breach of “trust” has undermined the effectiveness of our healthcare system, public health and healthcare innovation.

Episode 2 – Health In America: Untold Stories

Guest: Soledad O’Brien
March 31, 2021

During this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he hosts award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien. They will discuss how well-intended laws can, at times, create significant challenges for poor and middle class Americans. Soledad has produced documentaries related to substance abuse, the criminal justice system, and veterans affairs that detail many of these challenges. The goal of their discussion will be to explore the role physicians can play in identifying laws that harm us and how to advocate for change.

Episode 1 – Healthcare Diversity in Nevada

Guest: Las Vegas City Councilman Cedric Crear
Guest Co-Host: Dr. Cheryl Brewster
March 1, 2021

In this episode of No Laughing Matter with Cuba Pete, he is visited by Councilman Cedric Crear, whose ward includes many of Las Vegas’ most underserved residents. We will discuss the unique medical and social needs of his ward’s high risk residents and his plan to promote positive change. Councilman Crear and our host share a similar determination to be “change leaders” that place a greater emphasis on action than talk. Councilman Crear will also share his unique connection to the value of diverse healthcare providers in Nevada, as well as discuss his wishlist for a new medical school intent on addressing the persistent challenges in the community.