Honor Code

Medicine is a noble and honorable profession. Physicians are given the privilege of being with people during the best and worst of times. It is our strong belief that a student’s reputation as a physician begins the first day of medical school. It is important that colleagues in any professional field hold each other accountable to maintaining the standards of conduct for that profession. To that end, students in the first class will be charged with the responsibility and privilege of developing and refining their own Honor Code during the first few months of medical school. Once completed that class and future classes will be expected to uphold it and remain accountable to one another.

Lifelong Colleagues

The College of Medicine believes in sustaining a culture of professional excellence among students, faculty and staff based on respect, collaboration, growth and ethical behavior. Beginning with the admissions interview, applicants are introduced to the concept of what it means to be a Lifelong Colleague. All students, faculty and staff endeavor to make each and every interaction reflect a sincere desire to develop each other as lifelong colleagues. We achieve this by committing ourselves to a code of conduct that informs our interactions with each other, our patients and the community we serve. We strive to keep this as a central tenant of our institutional culture by talking about it in meetings, incorporating it into the evaluations of faculty, staff, and students, and encouraging one another to act in ways that emulate this important institutional value.